What Would the City Look Like With Michelle Mosby As Mayor 

Council person Michelle Mosby was the first to declare her candidacy for the Mayor’s position. Her rapid ascension to the Council presidency was viewed at as a stepping stone to the top, to which she took. Here’s what she presents to us.
As council president she helped to foster a better working relationships than in previous years she boasts. She says that she has the ability to bring a diverse group together in a collaborating effort to strengthen the City. She wants everyone to know that she is already on the job of trying to bring about a better Richmond which makes her transition to the seat seemless. Baseball is not a priority as she’s sees many more important issues. She would retain Chief Durham and she’s committed to strengthening the force. 

She won’t incringe upon the School board’s authority but will collaborate with them on both short and long term solutions for funding the schools. she believes a tax abatement plan would help fund the schools. She wants poverty addressed by building upon the iniatives of the anti poverty commission as well as the Office of Community Wealth Building. Job training and a viable Transit system are key to this as well she says. She looks to bring more economic vitality to he City with such projects like the Stone Brewery . She would retain the School Superintendent as well as the CAO, but she would sit down with her to see where to trim the fat .

Our concerns with Miss Mosby is that she’s been labeled a Dwight Jones crony. She seems to support all of his iniatives. It’s thought that he was behind her power play for the Council presidency and that he convinced her that she could be Mayor. She says that she’s into building coalitions yet she has not seemed to be able to do it as a candidate. Her message has not resonated with the voters across the City and now she appears to be losing her own district. It brings to question what kind of team she would put in her administration as this team is certainly failing her. Her body of work consists of the “ban the box” legislation which was a success but her touting of her council experience is not that well smiled upon. The current council by many, is viewed as dysfunctional .

A Michelle Mosby run city would not look much different than it does now. She’ll be the status quo Mayor without any originality. Her administration would mirror the current one as she will continue to do Dwight Jones’ bidding, leading  to more bad economic deals. She will struggle to get help from the General Assembly and getting regional cooperation will escape her as she hasn’t shown the ability to forge a viable working coalition. There’s also concern as to what other interests will influence her as she is now doing Jack Berry’s bidding with her attack ads against Joe Morrissey.

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