What Will Richmond Look Like With Joe Morrissey as Mayor

Joe Morrissey is the former Commonwealth Attorney for Richmond. He’s also a former State Delegate and has run a successful law firm for many years. Here’s what he presents to us.

He has said that he will put 50 million dollars into the school system in his first year in office. He wants kids going to school year round and wants them in uniforms. He wants to use historical tax credits to assist in upgrading the school facilities. He wants to provide vision screening as well as some diabetes testing among others for school aged children. He wants to incrementally raise the minimum wage and will champion the Pulse/BRT system. He wants an intense job training program that will assist his constituency with employment.

He vows to work with Council and the School Board to make things run more smoothly with a shared agenda. He will not retain Chief Durham replacing him with former Petersburg Chief John Dixon. The rest of the senior staff should stay in place. He promises that the basic city services will also improve under his watch. He vows not to raise taxes and promises to end all wasteful spending. There will be no shiny new projects that will further hinder our debt ceiling. He will instead seek outside funding for whatever projects he may agree to.

One of the major concerns with Morrissey is that because of his brash personality, he’s looked at as a pariah and no one wants to work with him. Very few of the present council or school board members support him, as well as the candidates running for their positions. His style is not collaborative and it makes progress difficult. The hiring of John Dixon is concerning as RPD doesn’t need any blows to lower the morale amongst the ranks.

His social agenda will have minimal impact because the funding stream for those projects will be low. He promises to put 50 million dollars into the school system in his first year but where will that money come from? Any larger projects will require both regional and state assistance which will be limited at best. He brags about being chosen minority whip, but it’s a position of a debater and as an accomplished attorney he was chosen for his skills at arguing cases not his skills as a litigator. His record is lacking in achievements. We also wonder whether he’ll be a full time Mayor. He has very young kids that he raves about and we know that’s a handful to deal with. Also the Mayor’s salary is far lower than surely what he makes in his law practice.

His scandalous ways will continue as his ego as Mayor will be at its largest. Having witnessed him recently I can say for sure that his salacious appetite for women won’t subside. He continues to say that he has moved beyond his old ways but there seems to be an allegation of wrong doing on a weekly basis. He still stands a chance to lose his law license again!

We see a Morrissey led Richmond riddled with scandal and ridicule. Our City will be an international joke and we’ll be isolated from any meaningful assistance because of his combative nature and personal conduct misfailings. His social agenda will help some but his ability to move this City further economically is very questionable. Expect daily press releases about his shortcomings and Coleman Pride marching in front of City Hall.


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