Jon Baliles is the Council person of the 1st district which represents the affluent West end of the city. He is the son of former Governor Gerald Baliles. He’s very much involved in the arts scene in the City. His claim to fame is being an outspoken opponent of the Shockoe Baseball stadium plan. Here’s what he presents to us.

His time on Council has been pretty much uneventful except for his questioning of the ballpark deal. He has though shown the ability to work with all facets of city government. He supports Chief Durham and his community policing. He will be a strong advocate for improving our schools and making them more accountable. He’s a strong advocate for stable funding for our schools to ensure that the school system cand make long term financial commitments, like hiring new teachers.

He believes that education is the key to reducing the high poverty rate. He will expand on the Office of Community Wealth Building’s work program as well as the Richmond Technical Center which will put more skilled workers into the labor force. He wants to provide more and better housing to the underserved communities. He wants to strengthen our neighborhoods with good stable families that are invested in their neighborhoods.

He will build a new ballpark on nine acres freeing up the remaining acreage for  the appropriate economic development needed on the Boulevard. The Museum and Arts districts will definitely be enhanced under his watch. He also will further develop the area around the Richmond Marine Terminal, creating more jobs. He would retain the CAO and does not appear to favor a big shake up in City Hall. He’s very independent and beholden to no one yet he has the ability to work across the lines to achieve common goals.

Baliles classifies himself as an outsider but we beg to differ. He’s the son of a former Governor and was on staff in Mayor Wilder’s administration. That says that he’s the ultimate insider. 


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